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terminal applications

• Full modular frames for stronger structure with independent bolted framework
• Available in many configurations up to 25 (5x5) cylinders
• External gates poly chain drives with easily removable drive guards
• Modular design, where all components are interchangeable and easy change of cylinders during future
overhauls (conveyors, troughs and end plates) simplifying maintenance and overhauls
• Flat end plate design to allow for straight drop spouting and full dust seals
• 23” diameter indents (heat treated in house)
• Optional 17” diameter indents (heat treated in house)
• 10 ga. bolt in easily removable spout liners
• Optional direct mount motor/gearbox drives to unlimited width and hight combinations
• Minimum class II service factor based on actual load on all drives
• Heavy duty friction rollers
• Significant reduction in maintenance and downtime with top name brand bearings
• Easy access to all spouts, bearings and inspection areas with oversize sample/access ports
• Optional dust port for each cylinder unit (no charge)
• Value added extended wear cylinder options
• Available with optional scalper/aspirator, aspirator or gravity feeder