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Premier Scalper/Aspirator

Premier Scalper/Aspirators are independent units which are usually the first machine in a process flow. Many times the Premier Scalper/Aspirator will be mounted above an Indent Length Separator or other process equipment. Premier Scalper/Aspirators are used to scalp off or remove oversize material as well as an accurate winnowing or aspiration of the product to remove light material such as chaff and small seeds.

The Scalper portion of the unit consists of a wire cylinder either 12″ or 18″ in diameter and will match the width of the Aspirator portion of the unit. The length and diameter of the scalping reel will determine the overall capacity of the Scalper/Aspirator. Product Feed is controlled on the full width a with the standard rack and pinion gate, but a Gravity Feed Gate or Powered Feed Rolls are also available options. The proper wire mesh opening on the Scalping reel is chosen to let the good product and anything smaller pass through the screen, but will keep large oversize material such as straw, lumps and stones on top. The slow rotation of the Scalping Reel will remove the oversize material and discharge is out a hopper located in front of the scalping reel. After scalping, the product is exposed to an upward flowing and adjustable air flow which will lift the light material and deposit it into an expansion chamber located in behind the scalping reel. Premier Scalper/Aspirators are available either with or without internal fans and Closed Circuit units are available from ArrowCorp.


Premier Scalper/Aspirators are available in widths from 24″ to 120″ wide and have corresponding capacities of  300-5500 bushels per hour in export quality wheat.

Premier Aspirators have the same basic design as the Scalper/Aspirator but without the scalping reel to remove large oversized trash. Premier Aspirators can be used as stand alone units, or on top of Premier Indented Cylinders or Screen machines. The same widths are available in Aspirators as the Scalper/Aspirators, from 24″ wide to 120″ wide. Capacities can be higher than Scalper/Aspirators as there is now restriction caused by the time required to pass material through a scalping screen. Aspirators come equipped with a standard Rack and Pinion Feed Gate but are also available with an optional Gravity Feed Gate or Powered Feed Roll. Premier Aspirators are either with or without fans in an open circuit design or available from ArrowCorp in a Closed Circuit design.

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