Seed Applications

Premier Grain Length Grader

Premier Grain’s Length Graders utilze a single 17 or 23 inch diameter high density hardened cylinder. We use an environmentally and employee friendly carrbonitriding process to surface harden our cylinders to a minimum of 55 Rockwell C. Standard checks throughout the manufacturing process insure consistent quality and customer satisfaction. We at Premier Grain strive towards quality, product safety, and social obligations to our employees, our customers, and the environment.

Operating Process – Material is fed into a rotating cylinder, all material shorter in length than the indent pocket is lifted into a conveyor trough that runs through the center of the cylinder and is then discharged out the end. Material that is not lifted is conveyed out along the bottom of the cylinder to the discharge outlet at the same end.

Seed Applications
Seed Applications
Seed Applications

Available Options

  • Poly chain drive
  • Lined spouting packages
  • Superior ground shafting
  • Special cylinder plating for extreme wear or corrosive environments
  • Other options available, call for details.

All New Machines will feature the following:

  • Modular design where all components are interchangeable (conveyors, troughs, end plates – no lefts and rights)
    simplifying maintenance and overhauls.
  • Full frames for stronger structure and easy change of cylinders during future overhauls.
  • Flat end plate design to allow for straight drop spouts and full dust seals.
  • 23” Diameter indents (Heat treated in house).
  • High wear spout liners.
  • Direct drive gearbox with motors to allow for full control of machine and ability to precisely tune in optimum r.p.m.
  • Class II service factor based on actual load.
  • Full overload protection.
  • Soft Start.
  • No need for chain guards.
  • Can be monitored from control room or across country.
  • Heavy duty friction rollers.
  • Significant reduction in maintenance and downtime with top name brand bearings.
  • Easy access to all spouts, bearings and inspection areas.
  • Ability to take off line one cylinder or one bank of cylinders for maintenance or overhauls, leaving reminder of machine in operation.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Universal trough (can be used upper or lower).
  • Upgraded trough adjustments.
  • Updated retarder adjustments.
  • Dust port for each cylinder.
  • Value added cylinder options.
  • Designed with easy maintenance in mind, can usually be overhauled by in-house personnel.
  • 2 year warranty.

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